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  • Are the walks suitable for vegetarians and pescatarians?
    Yes, vegetarians and pescatarians can enjoy the walks as much. We can change our stops accordingly to ensure you have the best day as long as you remember to tell as about it!
  • How many people are on the walks & tours ?
    We keep our groups small and intimate to a maximum of 6 adults.
  • What languages do you offer the walks & tours in?
    We currently offer them in English and French.
  • What is included in the price?
    Food Walks: The price includes all transports, and food & beverages Non-Food Walks: The price includes all transports Boat Tours: The price includes the boat and food & beverages
  • Are the walks suitable for people with food allergies?
    The food walks are NOT suitable for people with nut allergies. All other allergies can be accommodated for. If you do suffer from nut allergies we invite you to come on a non-food walk instead. It will still be the highlight of your trip!
  • Do you serve alcohol?
    We only have some alcohol on the 'COME DINE WITH ME' experience. All other walks & tours are alcohol free.
  • Can children join the walks?
    Children love joining us! They have a great time discovering such a different culture and they love the food! However the often narrow and crowded backstreets without pavements are not practical with pushchairs.
  • Why shall we choose you instead of other tours?
    Good question! There are a number of different tour companies in Istanbul but we differ in a number of ways: As tourists we do not personally enjoy traditional tours where the guide walks around with an umbrella and guests have to wear earpieces to hear the guide. We prefer smaller, more intimate groups and this is the experience we wish you to have in Istanbul. So no groups, our walks are private. Just you and your host. That also allows us to make any changes to suit your preferences before or during the walk. Our hosts are incredibly passionate and knowledgable about the city, its history and culture. Collectively, our hosts have lived in the UK, in France, in the States, in Italy and in Turkey for over 60 years so we have a great prospective over what foreign eyes and taste buds might enjoy as well as an impressive number of stories to tell !

Get In Touch

We are always happy to work around your needs and preferences. 

If you cannot find what you are looking for, or if your time in Istanbul doesn't match with our tour times, or if you would like to combine different walks, please contact us. We will make it work...

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